Our main focus is the Food and Product industry, but we also offer several other services.

Food Photography & Videography

When you see a food photograph and your mouth starts to water, that’s what food photography is all about. Here at JSTUDIO di Jonathan Raho, a photography studio specialised in food and beverage photography we pride ourselves in the ability to achieve just that. Taking your product and turning it into something that your viewers would want to reach out, grab and eat! Our studio is equipped with a fully functional kitchen.

Food Stylist

Behind every food photograher there is an amazing food stylist. An essential part of the team to creating a successful image. We work with some of the best in the field and also have an in house Chef for culinary research and recipe developments.

Prop Stylist

At times the set may require more than just a plate, glass and fork. The set may require a whole kitchen or an out door picnic scene. We work closely with prop stylists to make sure the scene portrays exactly what you need.

Product Photography & Videography.

Your products don’t just need to look good, but they have to portray your companies brand and message. Working closely with Art directions we make sure to not only stunningly capture your product but also to send our the right message and brand.

Getting the message through

Creative Direction

Ecommerce Photography.

We have developed a specific workflow to make sure we can keep up with todays fast market pace. Providing you with the quantity needed but with out compromising on the quality, making sure that the colors and tones are realistic and accurate and that the products are showcased to their best. We develop a specific client guideline for all of our clients and allow access to our client image software for you to be able to view and make notes for retouch edits as needed.


Personal client guideline to make sure the images are inline with your brand and values.


Keeping things constant with layout and positioning and accuracy when it comes to colours.

360 Product Animations.

360 product photography allows for viewers to get a full view of the product by allowing them to rotate the product. A next step for product presentation and ecommerce photography.



Aerial Drone Video & Photo.

We are certified ENAC SAPR pilots and are enabled to fly in critical zones as well as nocturnal flights. We currently work with the latest DJI inspire 2 drone with the x5S and X7 camera systems which are capable of recording in Apple Prores and CinemaDNG (raw) up to 6k. A perfect match for the ARRI, RED and Black Magic camera systems.


Working only with world leading equipments to bring you the very best.


Certified pilots with full coverage insurance.