Noleggio drone verona

Authorised Drone Operator and Rental Verona.

Everything you need for your cinematic video or photographic needs in absolute tranquility knowing that we are insured and certified operators and know how to get the needed approval from the local town halls, ENAC entities and authorities to ensure that there will be no unwanted surprises during and after the assignment.

We are able to fly both indoors and out doors using both full GPS as well as ATTI with out the need for a GPS signal and where needed dual operators for that added security and control to capture your cinematic moment.

Our drone services are based in Verona but our services cover all of Italy.

noleggio drone verona

Our main gear

inspire-2 noleggio drone verona

DJI Inspire 2

Micro 3/4 Sensor x5S


noleggio drone verona

12mm wide angle lens

24mm equivalent full frame  


noleggio drone verona

15mm wide angle lens

30mm equivalent full frame  


noleggio drone verona

45mm wide angle lens

90mm equivalent full frame  


Industrial drone photography